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GVF Herefords currently runs a herd of 70 cows backed by line-bred horned genetics. Current herd sires include a trio of Churchill bulls:

  • Churchill Domino 4836 (reg 13919922) is a complete package bull with powerful thickness, length and quality.  He is sired by Cooper bull 6128D, the highest selling bull at their 2017 sale.  Maternal sire is Sensation 028X, who needs no introduction.  

  • Churchill Domino 8123F (reg 43919808) is a big, stout, long-bodied bull with a ton of rib who is also sired by Cooper 6128D.  His maternal sire is Cooper 144Y.

  • Churchill Advance 7484E (reg 43916959) is sired by HH 4075B ET, the highest selling bull in Holden's 2015 sale.  He also has the maternal sire of Sensation 028X.

Additionally, we use GVF Oliver 17722 (reg 44045199) on our yearling heifers.  His calves are born aggressive and are some of our thickest weaned calves.  

GVF STRAIT ARROW 866, the pride of GVF Herefords, remains a heavily used A.I. sire, known for his structural correctness and low birth weight calves.

Our cowherd consists of daughters of Kansas-bred bulls JC 0272 Domino 301, a thick, dark-marked sire, and JC Outbreak 267, a stylish sire with a nod to his K&B Summit roots.  All trace back to Oxley bloodlines, mainly GVF OX EIGHTY TWENTY 04154 (an "8020" son out of a great Oxley cow).  Those Oxley bloodlines provide the maternal traits and long-bodied cows you can see throughout our herd.

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